Vet warns against travelling abroad with pets

Wednesday, 11th July 2012

A vet has warned owners about a disease that is prevalent in southern Europe during the summer months and can be fatal to pets.

Chloe Dennis, a vet at Zasman Vets in Hampstead, London, explained that in countries that are home to sand flies, leishmaniasis is probably a common occurrence in dogs, reports

She told the news provider: "In places like Spain and Italy which are home to sand flies it’s probably fairly common amongst dogs."

Symptoms of the disease include hair and weight loss, kidney failure, lameness and skin disease.

People planning to travel to these countries have been urged to contact their vet before going away. The risk of infection can be reduced through fly and mosquito repellant collars and they should be kept indoors between dusk and dawn.

If owners suspect their dog has contracted the disease, they should contact a vet straight away.

Earlier this year, regulations regarding travelling with pets became more relaxed with the introduction of the pet passport scheme.