Vet offers advice on elderly cats

Monday, 18th June 2012

A vet has offered some advice on how to tell if an elderly cat is just getting older or if it needs medical attention.

Caroline Reay, Blue Cross chief vet, said that while some cats are just "slowing down" with old age, some may have problems that need treating with pet meds.

She said that signs arthritis in pets include limping, stiffness when they fist get up, an unwillingness to climb the stairs.

If a pet is having toilet troubles, this can also be a sign of arthritis because they cannot get to the back door in time.

If this is the case, owners should talk to their vet before the animal retrains themselves by thinking it is alright to go to the toilet inside.

Another problem common to older pets is a reduced appetite. While older pets may have smaller appetites, there could also be a health problem causing this, Dr Reay wrote.

"It's worth getting a health check as there could be an underlying problem, such as hormone disorders or dental problems.

"Older cats sometimes develop voracious appetites because of thyroid disease. It’s important to get this treated as it can bring on heart problems if left."