Vet explains tell tale signs that your pet is in pain

Thursday, 5th July 2012

A vet has provided information on how to tell if your animal is in pain, as there is a "common misconception" that if they do not cry, they are alright.

Blue Cross chief vet Caroline Reary wrote that modern painkillers are effective and so it is worth looking out for signs of pain in pets.

A cat could be suffering from arthritis if they appear to have finally learned they are not allowed to jump up on kitchen surfaces, she explained.

Dr Reary also explained some other symptoms: "A more noticeable response from an animal in pain may be grumpiness.

"They don't want to be touched and may not want to play with another animal or with children. They may become generally less active and sleep more."

If a pet is showing these signs, it is important to consult a vet and not try to treat the animal yourself.

She added that there is a good range of drugs available now, so if the first pet medication does not work, it is possible to try out another.