Use pet meds for separation anxiety in dogs, expert says

Friday, 9th September 2011

Pet medication can be used to help a dog suffering from separation anxiety, an expert has said.

Dr Pete Wedderburn, a vet who writes for the Daily Telegraph, explained that anti-anxiety medication mixed with training can help to stop the problem.

He was contacted by a reader whose daughter's dog would howl if she left the house and follow her around.

Diagnosing the problem, Dr Wedderburn said the dog had a "serious" case of separation anxiety.

Advising the owner, he wrote: "You need to train him to become accustomed to her absence.

"A temporary course of anti-anxiety medication supplied by your vet will help him stay calm in the early stages of this process.

"Make sure that he's given something to occupy his attention when she's gone, such as a Kong chew toy stuffed with food and deep frozen."

The expert also suggested getting a plug-in diffuser that releases pheromone vapours into the room to soothe the animal.