Two puppies who survived against the odds ready for new homes

Friday, 21st September 2012

After surviving against the odds, two small puppies  are now ready to find new homes with loving families.

Victoria and Albert were born by emergency caesarean and were two of seven. The rest of their siblings were too weak to survive and staff at the Blue Cross did not have high hopes for their future.

However, they both managed to pull through following round the clock care to get their strength up.

Once they were a bit bigger, they were taken to a foster home where they could get continued care until they were big enough to find their own homes.

Fosterer Maggie said: "They were lovely little pups and, although looking after such young animals was hard work, it was delightful to watch them grow. Every day there was something new to remark upon and they seemed to develop so quickly.

"I spent a lot of time with them and it was sad to see them go."

She added that both dogs have their own personalities, with Victoria enjoying exploring and Albert having more trouble with his confidence.