Two new Tiger cubs on show at Howletts Wild Animal Park

Monday, 18th February 2013

Two five-month-old Siberian tiger cubs have gone on display for the first time at Howletts Wild Animal Park in Canterbury, Kent, after being hand-reared by the zoo's head of large carnivores, Ben Warren.

Kazimir and Arina had been abandoned by their mother at birth, leaving Mr Warren with the task of feeding them every two hours, while the animal park's team of vets also had to keep a close eye on the pair, supplying them with the correct animal medication and supervision to support their development.

According to Kent News, there are currently only 400 Siberian tigers living in the wild today, and visitors to the park can now see the two healthy cubs enjoying their enclosure.

Mr Warren commented: "These cute cubs had a hard start in life, as their mum left them alone. We made the decision to hand raise them so that they would get the nutrition and care that they needed."