Three year ban after owner accidentally let puppy drink alcohol

Thursday, 5th January 2012

A man whose puppy needed pet medication after accidentally drinking his vodka and coke has been banned from owning dogs for three years.

Matthew Cox, 26, from Nottinghamshire, was at home drinking with his flatmate when the incident occurred.

He left the vodka and coke on the floor while he went to have a cigarette, at which point, the six-month-old Labrador Max drank the concoction.

Mr Cox then went out and was seen by two girls staggering around, so called the police. Officers removed the dog from the property because they were concerned about his health.

Max spent 12 hours on a drip to restore his health and has now been rehomed.

Magistrate J A Smith said: "It was not malicious - there were no weapons - it was just downright stupid, wasn't it?"

RSPCA inspector Chris Shaw added: "It's such a shame what's happened to the dog but he's been found a good home now and the owner has been punished."