Three puppies with skin condition rescued after being tethered to fence

Wednesday, 26th September 2012

Three Lurcher-type puppies are now being treated with pet medication after being abandoned with an untreated skin condition.

The animals were discovered tethered to a fence in Lochore, Fife, and a member of the public took them in and contacted the Scottish SPCA.

John Chisholm, senior inspector at the charity, explained that the animals were suffering from a mange-type skin condition that had resulted in hair loss and sore skin.

He said: "We've had them checked over by a vet and they're now receiving the treatment they need so they should be looking and feeling much better soon.

"They all appear to be litter-mates and we estimate them to be around four to five months old."

He added that the SSPCA is very keen to track the owner of the puppies as dumping them was “extremely irresponsible”.

In Scotland, abandoning an animal is a criminal offence and anyone found guilty faces being banned from keeping animals for a fixed period or for life.