Third of cats 'overweight'

Tuesday, 17th January 2012

A large proportion of cat animal owners may end up needing to invest in pet medication as one in three cats are now overweight.

A new survey by Spot the Signs also revealed that four in ten cats have been diagnosed with arthritis because of weight problems.

Owners do appear to be willing to combat the problem though, as seven in ten said they would put their animal on a special cat food diet to help them lose weight.

However, only 21 per cent said they would eliminate fatty treats if they were told their cat was obese.

Vet surgeon and specialist in cat medicine, Martha Cannon, said: "Sadly vets see a high proportion of cats that are overweight and once the weight has gone on it can be very difficult to get it off.

"Just as in people, carrying excess weight will impact badly on a cat's well-being."

Vicky Halls, cat behaviour counsellor, said that one symptom of arthritis is reduced mobility, which can then result in weight gain.

She said that other signs that a cat is in chronic pain are reduced grooming and withdrawn or aggressive behaviour.