TV vet recommends visit once every 6 months

Thursday, 3rd May 2012

A TV vet has recommended people take their pets to the vet once every six months, with an annual visit for vaccinations a minimum requirement.

Luke Gamble, who runs a practice in the New Forest and has appeared on Sky TV and Vet Adventures, said that it is a good idea to get a pet used to going to the vet so they do not get scared.

He said: “Why not weigh your pet, have a chat at reception and get your dog socialised and used to going to the vet's so they don't get frightened when they go in there ... Then we can nip out for them and nip anything in the bud.“

The vet also said that it is better to see your pet healthy and happy, rather than unwell.

Dr Gamble added that it is important to have a chat with a vet about the products available and key things to keep an animal healthy and happy, as well as ensuring the pet will not spread disease to other animals.