TV personality calls for 'National Poo Day'

Tuesday, 29th January 2013

Not cleaning up after your pet can cause a real nuisance by making parks and other public places rather unpleasant for other people, not to mention the health risks it poses.

No one understands this better than TV presenter Ben Fogle, who once contracted a parasitic disease called Toxoplasmosis from coming into contact with animal droppings, which is why he is now calling for a 'National Poo Day' to raise awareness among pet owners as to the importance of cleaning up after their animals.

The former 'Countryfile' presenter says it's up to local councils to promote the message, and that a national day could be the perfect way to help them do this, the Guardian reports.

In order to eliminate the health threats caused by your pet's droppings, it's essential to keep their intestines clean by feeding them only the healthiest pet food and making sure they remain free from parasites by supplying them with worming tablets and other relevant pet medications.