TV expert: Vet bills becoming more expensive, but better options available

Friday, 10th February 2012

Pet medication and other forms of veterinary care for animals are becoming more expensive, but owners should rest at ease that they have more options available to them and their pets than ever before.

That is according to television vet Pete Wedderburn, who explained that there are cheaper courses of action available, although the more costly avenues are likely to be the most effective.

As an example, he explained that he is currently treating a lame dog which he believes may have a hazelnut-sized nerve tumour in the muscles around its neck.

"In the past, I would have just said: 'I suspect that this is what's happening'. Nowadays, I can offer an MRI scan, at a cost of around £1,000."

The vet also mentioned the case of another dog, who would previously have been put down after developing seizures and being unresponsive to standard pet medication.

However, an MRI scan revealed a benign brain tumour that was successfully removed via surgery, albeit at a cost of more than £10,000 with follow-up treatment including radiotherapy.

"It's still possible to get cheap veterinary care, but if, as an owner, you want to do the best for your pet, it's true that more expensive options are now possible than have ever been available before."