Stray dog with severe skin condition 'on the mend'

Thursday, 19th January 2012

With the help of pet medication, a stray Lurcher cross found with a severe skin condition is now getting better.

The ten-year-old dog was taken in by the Scottish SPCA, who discovered that he was microchipped and his name is Sandy. However, details of his owners were not kept up-to-date so they could not be contacted.

The dog was found in South Ayrshire and is now being cared for and treated at the Glasgow Animal Rescue and Rehoming Centre.

Inspector Kerry Kirkpatrick said: "He is suffering from a chronic skin condition and has lost a lot of hair from his body, leaving only a strip along his back.

"Sandy's condition will be very painful and irritating but he is now receiving treatment to make him more comfortable."

He added that Sandy is very loving, suggesting that he was someone's pet until recently. The SSPCA is not ruling out the possibility that he was abandoned and is appealing for anyone who recognises the dog to get in touch.