Staffie to be put down for attack on cat

Thursday, 10th November 2011

In Edinburgh, a Staffordshire Bull Terrier that attacked a cat after escaping from its garden is due to be put down after a judge rejected the owners appeal.

The cat needed pet medication as it was severely injured, but it survived the attack, which took place in February.

Tracey Jackson, the owner C-Jay, said she was "gutted" about the decision, saying she had been trying to stay positive and believing the animal would be coming home.

Ms Jackson's solicitor, Chris Shead said: "All this dog did was follow its nature and attack a cat.

"If the test is whether the dog poses a threat to public safety the answer must be an emphatic 'no'."

However, the judge said the dog will be put down because there had been previous reports that C-Jay had been found wandering the streets. He said this was a warning that the animal may "become out of control".