Staffie saved by best friend

Friday, 20th January 2012

A Staffie's life was saved by her Newfoundland friend and neighbour after she accidentally ate rat poison.

Four-year-old Mo, from Somerset, was in a critical condition and was given 24 hours to live unless she could have a blood transfusion.

Debbie Perry, Mo's owner, asked her neighbour and friend Catherine Butler for help. Luckily, Ms Butler’s Newfoundland, Molly, was a match with Mo and gave a pint of blood to save the sick animal.

Ms Perry said: "The whole thing was very frightening. It really didn't look good at the time. Without Molly and the vets she wouldn't be alive now."

Ms Butler added: "They needed a big, calm dog to give blood to save Mo's life, so of course we didn't hesitate.

"They needed the blood there and then - it really was an emergency."

She said that while Molly was fine after the operation, she now looks slightly nervous when she walks past the vets.

Rat poison can cause internal bleeding and symptoms can take up to a week to develop.