Staffie recovers after being stabbed 21 times

Wednesday, 16th November 2011

A Staffordshire Bull Terrier is now recovering with the help of pet meds after being stabbed 21 times by knife-wielding intruders.

Dempsy was stabbed in the pancreas and diaphragm and had to undergo three-and-a-half hours of life-saving surgery at a local PDSA hospital.

He was discovered by owner Claire Wilkinson, from Dorset, who was staying with her 19-year-old daughter Lauren.

Lauren came home to find blood in her flat. Neighbours helped her search for the six-year-old dog and they eventually found it dumped over a garden fence in another neighbour’s garden.

Uwe Holz, senior veterinary surgeon at Bournemouth PDSA PetAid hospital, said: "I have treated a small number of stab injuries previously, but this is by far the worst case I have ever seen."

Ms Wilkinson thanked everyone who helped with Dempsey's rescue, including the police who took the animal straight to the PDSA.

"The staff at the PDSA were absolutely brilliant, their dedication was just remarkable and it's down to that that he is still with us now. I'm so grateful," she said.