Spot-on flea treatments work well at killing live fleas, vet says

Friday, 8th June 2012

Jo Inglis, writing for the Metro, explained to a reader whose dog keeps on getting the itchy condition that this sort of treatment helps to kill live fleas.

Simon Haeems said that the dog, Rusty, is bathed and shampooed once a week and is given anti-flea tablets, but the problem keeps on coming back.

Dr Inglis wrote: "I'd suggest  trying a spot-on preparation from your vet as these generally work very well at killing any live fleas.

"You also need to treat the house with an insecticidal spray to remove all the larvae and eggs from the carpets; it’s also worth vacuuming thoroughly and washing your bedding as regularly as you can."

He added that for every flea you see, there could be 100 eggs and larvae in the house, so cleaning thoroughly is very important.

Signs and symptoms that suggest a dog has fleas include an itching rash with small bumps. The dog will scratch and bite itself, especially around the head neck and tail.