Spend time with an animal if you are concerned about allergies

Friday, 11th May 2012

It is important that people spend time with an animal if they are concerned that they may be allergic to it before taking it on as a pet.

The Blue Cross has issued this advice because so far this year, over 90 animals have been taken into centres as a result  of an allergic family member.

According to the charity, people who suspect they have an allergy should be properly checked by a doctor. It also notes that all allergies are different, so being allergic to one type of pet does not mean you will be allergic to them all.

The Blue Cross states: "Some allergies can be temporary (e.g. during pregnancy) so don't be too quick to give up a much loved pet.

"Some types of pets such as labradoodles and hairless cats are considered to be less likely to cause allergies than other pets, but because people can be allergic in different ways this isn't always the case."

It said that before buying one of these ‘designer’ non-allergic breeds and assuming it will be alright, everyone in the family should spend time with the pet