Shampooch Super Rover

Tuesday, 30th October 2012

There's nothing uncommon about your dog enjoying a good scratch, but persistent discomfort through itching is another matter all together.

Sue Yellen, writer of the Happy Dog, Happy Owner blog featured on, has revealed her crusade against the itching her Tibetan Terriers suffer from.

Ms Yellen tried out a bewildering array of dog shampoos and treatments on her canines, from designer brands to more homely remedies such as oils.

Finally, after filling much of the storage space in her home with brightly-coloured bottles, she found Evening Primrose Oil shampoo was the product her terriers needed. 

Itching in dogs is not unusual and can occur for a variety of reasons, including their environment, diet, allergies and infections. The problem can frustrate owners, and is obviously also unpleasant for the animal. Specialised dog food and dog shampoo could help relieve symptoms, according to PetMD. Owners are advised to consult their vet if the problem persists.