Rescue dog now UK's oldest?

Friday, 25th November 2011

Despite needing pet medication on a few occasions, a dog rescued from Dogs Trust 15 years ago has reached the grand old age of 22 and is showing no signs of going anywhere.

Margaret Moorhousse adopted Eevee in 1996 when the animal was estimated to be seven years old.

She said: "She's been the most wonderful companion. Although she has a few health problems, Eevee is remarkably fit for her advanced years.

"She still struts her stuff round the garden and goes for her daily walk, albeit shorter and slower than before! I try to make sure every day is special."

Amanda Sands, manager of Dogs Trust Leeds, added that 22 is quite a feat and that it is a credit to Ms Moorhouse’s caring home.

Most dogs live between ten and 14 years, but crossbreeds, like Eevee tend to live longer than pedigrees.

A human year roughly equals six to seven in dog years, which makes Eevee over 150 years old.