Rehome a small pet this winter

Wednesday, 21st November 2012

When it comes to rehoming animals, pet owners should remember that it's not just cats and dogs that are in need of loving new families.

Especially if you have young children or are not ready for the full-on commitment of a dog, it might be more prudent to adopt a smaller pet.

The Blue Cross has taken in more than 400 of these animals, including rabbits, guinea pigs, degus and chinchillas all looking for a new home.

Holly and Ivy are two Himalayan rabbits who were found in a field in Gloucestershire and were brought into the charity's care before they ran out of food. Both rabbits have no medical problems and are in good condition.

"Holly and Ivy are currently at our rehoming centre looking for a new home – and they'd both like to live with a friendly, neutered male companion," said the charity.

Meanwhile, Kellogs, Snap, Crackle and Pop are Degus brought into the centre because their owner was unable to look after them.

"They are all very friendly and sociable pets who love running around their cage, exploring and playing," the charity says.