Rabbit saved after nasty fall

Friday, 20th July 2012

A rabbit is recovering with pet meds and rest after having an operation following a nasty fall in which she broke her leg.

Rosie, a one-year-old rabbit, caught her leg on a hutch after jumping out of the arms of Darren Holliday's daughter.

Mr Holliday said he was worried that because she was so small, vets at the PDSA would not be able to do anything to help his pet.

However, surgeon Drew Lonie performed a delicate operation and managed to repair Rosie's leg with a metal plate.

Mr Lonie said: "We had to insert a tiny metal plate to repair her tiny front leg. We then bandaged her leg with a supporting dressing and carefully placed Rosie in our recovery ward carefully checking that she recovered well from her anaesthetic and operation.

"We allowed her to go home the same day, with liquid painkillers and antibiotics."

Mr Holliday added that he could not believe how quickly Rosie recovered and was back on all four paws.

The PDSA suggests people be very careful when handling pets as they can easily become scared and anxious, and end up hurting themselves.