Puppy rescued after being dumped with broken hip

Wednesday, 8th August 2012

A nine-week-old puppy is being treated with pet meds and cared for by the RSPCA after being dumped with a broken hip.

The Staffy-type puppy was found in a cardboard box outside the Bicester Veterinary Centre in Oxfordshire.

He was given pain relief medication and was later operated on and is now recovering well.

RSPCA inspector Doug Davidson said: "This poor young pup spent more than two and a half hours in pain in the box in the car park before he was discovered.

"He could easily have been further injured by vehicles, especially if he had managed to get out of the box."

CCTV footage showed a slim young man in a purple T-shirt leaving a box on the ground before leaving the car park.

The RSPCA is now seeking this man to find out what happened to the dog, who has been named Don.

Animal owners have  a legal responsibility to care for their pets and if they are having dificulties then welfare organisations can help.