Pig apple: New York residents take a shine to swine

Friday, 22nd March 2013

When most people think of domestic animals, they tend to focus on traditional pets like cats or dogs, while other creatures like pigs and cows are very firmly placed in the farm animal category.

However, a number of residents in New York appear to be bucking this trend by bringing pigs into their homes as pets, despite the fact that the city's health code forbids keeping the animals in domestic situations.

According to the Washington Post, many New Yorkers are now caring for the curly-tailed squealers in secret, and contrary to their reputation as dirty, smelly beasts, the popularity of pet pigs is on the rise across the Big Apple.

Timm Chiusano, who owns two potbellied pigs, says: "People think it's weird and a novelty but they're really smart animals".

Anyone considering adopting a pet should bear in mind that they need to be able to provide the correct environment, level of care, pet medications and food to keep the animal happy and healthy.