Pet whippet rescued from frozen lake

Tuesday, 14th February 2012

A pet whippet called Macy had a lucky escape from pet medication after being rescued by a team of firefighters.

The four-year-old was rescued after falling into the freezing water of a lake at the Herrington Country Park, reports the Sunderland Echo.

Husband and wife Derrick and Patricia Thorman were walking their daughter's dogs Macy and Blue when Macy decided to chase some swans and fell through the ice on the lake.

They called the emergency services but the water was too deep for the firefighters to wade into so a specialist team was called out.

Acting watch manager Stephen Wilson told the news provider: "The dog was clinging to the ice with its front paws and was distressed.

"We tested the water, but it was too deep to go into so we called the swift water rescue team from Newcastle East. They were able to rescue the dog using their dry suits."

Macy was in the water for around 45 minutes leaving her cold and distressed but she escaped with no injuries.

A black Labrador was also recently rescued after falling into an icy reservoir in Edinburgh but the dog's owner saved it using an inflatable dinghy.