Pet sun cream can help prevent cancer in cats

Monday, 21st May 2012

White cats can be prone to developing a certain type of skin cancer, so to avoid the need for pet medication to treat the disease, owners can put pet sun cream on their animals.

Stuart McMorrow, who is based at Edinburgh’s PDSA PetAid Hospital, was writing for after being contacted by a reader whose previous white cat had died from cancer.

The reader explained they were worried that as the new cat is also white, that he could get cancer too.

Dr McMorrow said that white cats can be prone to squamous cell carcinoma (SCC), which is a skin cancer that normally affects the ears, eyelids and nose.

He wrote: "SCC in white cats develops as a result of exposure to the sun, so the best way to protect white cats is to protect their skin.

"This can be achieved by keeping them indoors during the middle of the day in very sunny weather. You can also apply pet sun block to vulnerable areas."

SCC is the second most common cancer of the skin in humans and is normally caused by exposure to the sun.