Pet owners should understand what their insurance policy covers

Tuesday, 5th April 2011

Owners have been advised to check exactly what their pet insurance policy covers, in case their animal needs pet meds or vet treatment.

Recent research by Defaqto revealed that pet insurance policies vary widely in terms of how they cover vet fees.

Mike Powell, Defaqto's insight analyst for general insurance, explained that it is very important that pet owners pick the right policy first time.

He said: "The financial consequences of getting it wrong can be severe.

"For example, if a pet develops a life-long condition but is under an insurance policy that provides limited cover for treatment, changing policy will be difficult - due to the pre-existing condition - and the owner will therefore have to meet the full cost of treatment indefinitely."

The independent financial research company suggested that owners speak to their vet about what conditions their animal may be prone to and put adequate pet insurance in place to safeguard against these possible costs.

This research comes at the start of National Pet Month, which will run until May 2nd.

It aims to promote responsible pet ownership and make people aware of the benefits of pets for people and vice versa.