Pet owners should rotate flea treatments

Friday, 7th January 2011

Pet owners should be prepared to change their flea treatment as insects can develop a resistance to certain insecticides, it has been claimed.

Vet Pete Wedderburn was recently asked if fleas can build up an immunity to treatments after one dog owner discovered the insects in their home for the first time, in ten years after consistent use of the same product.

Responding to the question, Mr Wedderton expressed his belief that fleas can easily adapt to any challenges and could, over time, become resistant to treatments.

He told the Telegraph: "Resistance to insecticides is most likely to start in areas like Hong Kong, where there are high populations of fleas and widespread use of anti-flea products.

"I'd talk to your vet about alternative flea control methods. Every year, new and different products are released, and so there’s certain to be an effective way to help you get on top of the problem again."