Pet owners 'should make sure they can create the right environment'

Tuesday, 10th April 2012

Pet owners should ensure that they are capable of providing the necessary environment for an animal before taking one home.

That is the advice issued by online retail expert Sarah Gould, who explained that it is crucial any prospective owners can cover the cost of an animal's general care, as well as emergency pet medication and other treatments.

She also highlighted the importance of having enough time to care for a pet and keep it physically active, going on to note that looking after animals should always be viewed as a "long-term commitment".

Ms Gould was speaking at the launch of National Pet Month, which runs from April 7th to May 7th and looks to raise awareness of responsible pet ownership, including microchipping.

On that topic, she said: "There's a mentality amongst many owners that it's better to leave it to chance and it simply won't happen to them.

"Sadly, thousands of dogs are lost or stolen each year and a microchip is the most efficient way to locate your missing pet."