Pet owner finds rimadyl effectively treats arthritis in dogs

Friday, 16th September 2011

A pet owner has found that the pet drug rimadyl is the ideal medication for treating arthritis in dogs.

Dog owner Charlotte Godsey found that the drug helped to ease the pain and discomfort of her ten-year-old black Labrador retriever Sugar, who developed arthritis all over her body as she got older.

Speaking to the Augusta Chronicle, she said that it is "amazing" to witness the effect rimadyl has had on Sugar, who is now much more active after taking the medication.

"She is so much more lively and she's just a happier dog," Ms Godsey told the newspaper.

"If she doesn't have it though, you'll see it. When the kids come home, she won't even get up."

Ms Godsey said that after Sugar was diagnosed, her family bought dog beds and rugs and placed them around the home so getting up and down would be easier on the dog's joints.

Sugar was also put on a strict diet, which consists of the dog being limited to one biscuit a day.