Pet meds needed after clock change?

Tuesday, 1st November 2011

A number of animals may need pet medication following the clocks going back on Sunday (October 30th).

Research by The Co-Operative Pet Insurance found that 15 per cent of cat and dog owners notice a change for the worse after the clocks change.

One in 20 owners even seek advice from vets because of the change in their pet's behaviour.

Lee Mooney, head of Pet Insurance at The Co-operative, said: "Whilst pet owners can't personally do anything about the dark nights, ensuring pets have regular exercise and attention, especially when clocks first change, can help to combat their pet's symptoms."

He added that because the clocks change close to Bonfire Night, owners should be extra mindful towards their animal's emotional and physical wellbeing.

Findings of the research show that 51 per cent of pets suffer from lethargy after the clocks change, while 27 suffer from tiredness and 19 per cent suffer from depression.