Pet meds may help lonely dog, expert says

Thursday, 10th May 2012

Anti-anxiety pet medication could help a dog that is suffering from loneliness, an expert has said.

Vet Pete Wedderburn, writing for the Daily Telegraph, said that these sorts of pet meds could help the dog from panicking when he is left on his own.

His advice followed a question from a reader, who explained that their Labrador had recently lost his lifelong companion, a German Shepherd. Since her death, the Labrador will howl whenever the family go out.

Dr Wedderburn wrote: "General steps that might help include using an Adaptil diffuserwhich emits soothing pheromones.

"Your vet may also be able to suggest oral anti-anxiety medication to stop him from panicking while he learns that it’s OK to be on his own."

He added that they could also try leaving him with a chew toy or a food releasing pet toy, such as a Kong Wobbler.

Studies have shown that animals other than humans show grief or signs of grief following the death of another animal. When a baby chimpanzee or gorilla dies, the mother will carry it around for a number of days before being able to move on without it.