Pet meds may help anxious pup

Tuesday, 8th March 2011

Pet medication may help a destructive puppy calm down, an expert has said.

Vet Pete Wedderburn made this suggestion in his column in the Daily Telegraph in response to a reader's letter.

The owner of a seven-month-old black Labrador puppy has found it becomes extremely destructive when left alone.

On returning home, the owners find "utter devastation", with the pup having chewed cushions and broken objects.

Dr Wedderburn suggests that the dog may be suffering from separation anxiety and that the owners should talk to their vet to make sure there is no physical reason for his behaviour.

He wrote: "The next stage will be a consultation with somebody with a special interest in dog behaviour. Some vets are happy to offer this service, and in other instances, they'll suggest a referral to a trained behavioural counsellor

"In the short term, anti-anxiety medication may be needed to help him remain calm enough to learn a new way of behaving."