Pet meds help curious kitten after toilet encounter

Monday, 14th May 2012

A curious kitten who was poisoned after drinking from a toilet has been nursed back to health with the help of pet medication.

Amelia MacFarlane came home to find kitten willow unusually quiet. The animal then started to foam at the mouth so she called the PDSA for assistance.

She said: "We knew that Willow loved playing with water, so we put two and two together and checked the bowl. The little paw prints inside confirmed our suspicions and I realised that she must have drunk some of the water, and the toilet freshener block in there must have poisoned her."

Vet Graeme Eckford confirmed that the bleach-based toilet block was the cause of Willow’s poor health and gave her pet meds and put her on fluids to flush out the toxins.

Despite her ordeal, Ms MacFarlane said that Willow still loves playing with water and enjoys nothing more than playing with a dripping tap or shower.

Dr Eckford added that pets are inquisitive and owners should think of them as toddlers and remove any potential hazards to keep them safe.