Pet meds help Greyhound kick bad breath problem

Tuesday, 1st March 2011

Pet meds have helped cure a Greyhound's bad breath that led to him being overlooked by over 300 prospective owners.

Tommy, the six-year-old pooch, was taken in by the Greyhoundhomer group, part of the Retired Greyhound Trust, a charity helps re-home retired Greyhounds, 12 months ago, reports the Daily Mail.

Elaine Sheppard, who has cared for Tommy since he retired, told the news provider that Tommy's came to her with gingivitis, a gum problem that was caused by a problem with his immune system.

She is quoted as saying: "'His breath was extremely bad. He was put onto steroids for three months but he lost weight, his coat did not look very good and his breath was still as bad as ever.

"We went back to the vets and they prescribed a very strong medicated mouth wash which has been absolutely marvellous."

Ms Sheppard added that Tommy deserves a "special home" as he is a "lovely dog" who does not pull on the lead when out for a walk and that he gets on with children.