Pet meds for horses can become expensive

Tuesday, 17th April 2012

Pet medication for horses can work out expensive so it is very important to take care of them.

One of the most common problems to affect horses is lameness, which in basic terms is a limp, caused by working hard in competitions or a trim on their hooves.

Lauren O'Hagen, dressage trainer with, explained what sort of costs are involved when horses encounter medical problems.

She said: "Medical bills can be quite high, even for a bog-standard [case of] lameness.

"For a vet to come out and check a leg for soundness and then going and finding out where the lameness is, you're looking at three, four or maybe even £500."

The best way to avoid costly bills is by bringing attention to the condition as soon as a limp appears in a horse.

If lameness is caught early, pet medication that lessens the swelling of the horse's hooves can be used.

It is also important to take care of horses to ensure they do not develop medical problems, which means allowing them to graze and supplementing their diet with grain as well as giving them plenty of shelter from the elements.