Pet meds could help cat with fur balls, vet says

Thursday, 9th August 2012

Non prescription pet medication combined with regular grooming can help to reduce fur balls in cats, a vet has said.

Joe Inglis, writing for the Metro, said that fur balls are a common problem and they occur because when cats groom themselves, they swallow a lot of hair.

He was contacted by a reader who said her cat was coughing up a lot of furballs and losing weight.

The vet explained that grooming a cat with a brush that strips out loose hair can help, as less hair will get stuck in their stomachs.

"You can also use cod liver oil pastes, which help fur balls pass through the other end," Dr Inglis wrote.

"These pastes are usually easy to use - you can either administer them directly by mouth, or ... you can smear the paste on to her paw and she’ll lick it off and swallow it."

However, the vet noted that weight loss is not caused by fur balls, so he advised taking the animal to the vet to check for kidney disease and hyperthyroidism.