Pet meds could help cat whose fur falls out, vet says

Friday, 25th May 2012

Pet medication could be used to treat a cat whose hair on the back of his neck keeps on falling out, a vet has said.

Jo Inglis, writing for the Metro, was contacted by a reader whose three-year-old cat was suffering from this problem. She explained that she thought it may have been a reaction to flea treatment, but this is not the case.

The vet said that other causes could be vaccinations, injections or a microchip. He wrote: "I would ask your vet to avoid any future injections in this location and see if it helps. It may also be worth trying a long course of antibiotics to clear any deep-seated bacterial infections.

"Your vet could also locate his microchip using a scanner and see if this could be involved, in which case it could be surgically removed."

Dr Inglis added that in the future, a flea treatment in tablet form should be used to avoid skin irritation.

Another cause of hair loss in cats is an allergy to cat food, which can cause them to constantly itch their skin.