Pet medication could help senility in cats, vet says.

Wednesday, 21st March 2012

Pet medication and subtle lifestyle changes could help to treat elderly cats that are suffering from senility, a vet has said.

Dr Pete Wedderburn, writing for the Daily Telegraph, said that more than half of cats over the age of 15 suffering from some kind of senility.

He was contacted by a reader whose cat cries all day and night. They had taken the animal to the vet who said it was blind and deaf.

Dr Wedderburn explained that the crying is a sign of senile dementia in cats and that this is the most likely reason for it.

He wrote: "Treatment is difficult, but careful use of medication, pheromones and subtle lifestyle changes (such as changing his diet and giving him a heated bed) can help. To find out more about this problem, visit"

According to the University of Edinburgh, 28 per cent of cats between 11 and 14 develop at least one behaviour problem relating to old age.