Pedigree launches Wet Nose Week

Wednesday, 10th October 2012

Dog food brand Pedigree has just launched Wet Nose Week, a campaign which aims to help owners ensure their canine is in the best possible health.

The Wet Nose Week Health Checker on the Pedigree website identifies the key areas dog owners need to look after, covering weight and water, ears and eyes, teeth, odour, energy, shiny coat and nose and nails.

The company has also enlisted actress Joanna Page, star of hit comedy Gavin and Stacey, to talk up the initiative.

In an exclusive interview with, Ms Page suggested that "a lot of dog owners don't feel they know enough about which foods are bad for their dogs".

She added that even something as innocent as a grape could result in kidney failure, while the temptation to spoil your dog with treats can mean you're actually giving the dig something that isn't good for them.

"Pedigree are using this Wet Nose Week to get dog owners to just pay a bit of attention, in a fun way, to their pet’s nutrition and wellbeing," Ms Page added.