Owners told to buy cat collar with safety release

Tuesday, 3rd January 2012

A charity has warned owners need to buy cat collars with a safety release after one animal needed pet medication when her leg got caught.

Mags was found in a field with her leg stuck in her collar. She was in need of cat food and was weak and anaemic.

Amy Younger, animal welfare assistant at the Blue Cross's Thirsk adoption centre, said: "Mags was found just in time, if left any longer she would not have survived."

The cat’s collar had caused a deep wound in the animal’s armpit, which had become badly infected. With treatment for a month, the cut eventually healed.

Mags was not microchipped and no one came forward to claim her, so she has now been rehomed with a new family.

In November, the Blue Cross was faced with a similar problem. A cat called Princess, who had been missing for a few weeks, was found with her leg stuck in her collar, with the same injury as Mags.

She was treated with antibiotics and wound management and recovered well, to the relief of her owner.