Owners 'should check insurance policy' before taking pet abroad

Tuesday, 16th August 2011

Owners should make sure their insurance policy covers their four-legged friend travelling abroad so as not to get stung by expensive pet medication while away.

This is because new research by Defaqto Matrix has found that almost a quarter (24 per cent) of insurance policies cover pets for overseas travel as standard.

 Mike Powell, Defaqto's insight analyst for general insurance, said: "Many of us take our pets abroad with us, either on regular holidays or for extended stays overseas.

"Given how costly treatment fees are in particular, the financial consequences of having insufficient cover can be severe if someone needs to seek emergency treatment.

"Pet owners should make sure they check the terms of their pet's policy."

Research shows that that 38 per cent of policies cover vet fees up to £2,499, while just 27 per cent provide cover for treatment costing up to or over £3,500.

It also showed that 18 per cent of policies if the trip lasts for less than 60 days.