November is Pet Diabetes Month

Monday, 14th November 2011

Owners with diabetic pets know they need pet medication on a regular basis. To raise awareness of the disease, November is Pet Diabetes Month.

Cats Protection is urging owners to take part in an online screening campaign to assess their pet’s risk of developing the life-threatening illness.

Following a similar survey last year, findings showed that around 28 per cent of animals were suspected of having diabetes.

Owners can log onto to take part in the screening campaign.

A statement from the animal charity said: "Pet Diabetes Month focuses on educating pet owners on the signs of diabetes to look out for and the benefits of screening older and at-risk pets.

"If detected early, the disease can be treated giving dogs and cats the chance of a long and healthy life."

Cats Protection added that symptoms to watch out for include increased drinking and urination, weight loss despite increased appetite and lethargy.

Cats that are more at risk of developing diabetes are Burmese cats, neutered males, inactive ones and overweight cats.