Non-prescription pet medication may help chewing-obsessed cat

Friday, 16th March 2012

A cat obsessed with chewing everything he finds could be treated with non-prescription pet medication, a vet has said.

Joe Inglis, writing for the Metro, was contacted by a reader whose three-year-old Siamese male, who had been neutered, chews gloves, teddies and other found items.

She said that afterwards, the cat will vomit and there is hair, wool and fluff and wanted advice on her cats problem.

Dr Inglis replied: "If he is bringing up fluff and hair then it would be worth giving him some cod liver oil laxative paste to help clear this through his system and prevent fur balls forming in his stomach, which could cause problems."

He added that there is a small risk he will eat something that causes problems, but that this is much less common in cats than it is dogs.

Earlier this year, a cat thought to have a tumour ended up having a huge furball removed from her stomach. The furball was the size of two cricket balls and weighed 215g.