Newfoundland survives 150ft fall from cliff

Tuesday, 21st August 2012

A giant Newfoundland had a miraculous escape after plunging 150ft from a cliff in Cornwall.

Ted, a 12-stone two-year-old dog, was trapped for four hours on a rocky ledge after running ahead of his family and falling from the edge, reports the Daily Mail.

Owner Lee Barnett explained that Ted had refused to wear his lead and had been fine all week walking on the cliffs in Moorwenstow.

After the fall, Mr Barnett stayed on the edge talking to his dog trying to keep him calm while his wife went to get help.

He told the news provider: "For the first hour he did not move. He was just yelping. Blood was coming from his mouth.

"By the time the rescue people arrived he was on his feet. All he had was a grazed nose. It was amazing."

The rescue team eventually set up a pulley system to pull Ted back to safety.

Last year, the Maritime and Coastguard Agency warned owners to keep dogs on their leads while walking on cliffs after a man fell 200ft trying to rescue his dog, who had fallen over the edge.