Missing pet cat put down by vet

Thursday, 20th October 2011

A cat that could have benefited from pet medication was put down by a vet after it went missing from its owner's garden.

Beverley Hume has lodged a complaint against Blythman and Partners vet's practice after her elderly cat, Ginger, was put down without her consent.

Ginger went missing from Ms Hume's garden and was found by a member of the public and taken to the Benton North Farm Dog and Cat Shelter.

He was then taken to the vets where he was put to sleep just hours after being let out by Ms Hume. Ginger had been on pet medication for a mouth abscess.

Ms Hume said: "We should have been given at least 24 hours to find him.

"We're all mortified. Ginger was a member of our family. When the vets told me I thought: 'How dare you?'

"Some do-gooder lifts him from near his home and takes him to a shelter and three hours later he's dead."

Heather Morton, senior partner at the vet surgery, said Ginger was put down because when he was passed to them, he was very thin, elderly, crying in pain and having difficulty standing. He did not have a microchip or collar so could not be identified, she added.