Many cats enjoy smell of bleach

Tuesday, 12th April 2011

Cat shampoo may be on the shopping list of a number of kitty owners as many felines enjoy rolling around in bleach.

A concerned owner wrote to Dr Pete Wedderburn, a vet who offers his advice in the Daily Telegraph, explaining that her moggy rolls around "in ecstasy" after she has mopped the floor with bleach.

In response, Dr Wedderburn explained that it is "surprisingly common" for cats to go mad for the smell of bleach and other cleaning products that are based with chlorine.

He wrote: "Other chlorine-based products often have the same effect, which is almost identical to the well-known catnip response. Reactions include purring, drooling and rubbing against the source of the scent, giving the impression of some type of intoxication.

"Nobody knows exactly why this happens, but cats are a strongly scent-sensitive species."

Dr Wetterburn added that while there is no harm in a cat enjoying those bleachy smells, owners must be careful to keep chemicals away from the kitty's reach as they could cause a serious illness if swallowed.