Many benefits to neutering animals, says RSPCA

Friday, 14th September 2012

There are many benefits to neutering your pet including reducing the number of unwanted animals being born every year, preventing illnesses that will require pet meds to treat and also removing some unwanted behaviours.

That is according to the RPSCA, which explains that operations to spay females and castrate males should be relatively straightforward, with animals usually recovering quickly.

It also notes that neutering shouldn't result in animals putting on weight, but explains that vets can provide appropriate advice on pet food following an operation.

Not only cats and dogs can be neutered, but also other small animals including rabbits and ferrets.

Beyond the benefit of stopping unwanted pregnancies, the charity explains that neutering removes the risk of testicular cancer in male animals and uterus infections or cancers in females.

It also warned that unneutered pets could require expensive vet treatments if there are problems during a pregnancy or birth, while animals that have been neutered will be less likely to be stole for breeding purposes.