Lurcher with skin problem abandoned

Monday, 9th January 2012

A Lurcher with a skin problem was abandoned because its owners could not afford the pet medication it needed to get better.

Jenny Day, animal welfare assistant and volunteer co-ordinator at the North Yorkshire Blue Cross, told the Yorkshire Post how the animal ended up at the rescue centre.

She told the news provider: "Recently we had a beautiful Lurcher dog brought in who had a terrible skin complaint.

"It's clearly very painful for her and very red and raw. Clearly someone has not been able to afford the treatment for her skin, but she'll make a lovely pet."

Ms Day added that this is part of an ongoing problem where owners cannot afford to keep their pets anymore.

She said that dogs get left in cages on the doorstep of the centre, while others are just released on the charity’s site.

The Blue Cross was originally founded in 1897 as the Our Dumb Friends League, which was a society that encouraged kindness to animals.