Lucky cat receives Braveheart award after blood transfusion

Tuesday, 26th July 2011

One lucky kitty that is now recovering with the help of pet meds has been given a Braveheart award by his vets after falling ill.

Anna Day, the owner of five-and-a-half-year-old Ginge, revealed that she came home one day to find her furry friend collapsed, reports

After rushing him to the vets, it was revealed that Ginge was very anaemic.

Luckily, Ginge was the same blood type as one of the nurse's cats, so was given a blood transfusion to save his life.

After this, tests showed that the feline was suffering from a rare condition called Evans disease, a type of auto-immune disorder.

Ms Day said: "It was very random and very quick, so I got him to the vets. It was a complete shock as he was a fine healthy cat.

"He's absolutely fine and back to normal. The vets didn't think he would recover at all but he did, especially once he was back home, although he has been extremely poorly."